“Cat-what???” and what about end clients? – Cat-tool Part 3

Last week I received a very interesting comment about Cat-tool - Part 2 post: "What about end clients? They do not even know what a Cat-tool is". That is true. Most end clients really do not have the slightest idea what a Cat-tool is. This is one of the reasons I always dedicate extra time … Continue reading “Cat-what???” and what about end clients? – Cat-tool Part 3

Is CAT-Tool absolutely necessary? – Cat-tools Part 1

This is a question that I am sure every translator has made to themselves. What is the right answer? Well, in my opinion the answer is NO. If you are a translator with more than 15 or 25 years of experience you might be thrilled (or not) with all these new technologies and improvements in … Continue reading Is CAT-Tool absolutely necessary? – Cat-tools Part 1

Home Office Improvements

When this blog was launched I shared with you some great tips for your home office. Now it is time to make some improvements. My home office is certainly not the same as when I first started working as a freelance translator, and I believe yours is not the same as well. As we work … Continue reading Home Office Improvements

Avoiding PayPal fees

As everyone may be aware, PayPal will deduct a fee from every payment you receive, whether it is local or international.  I agree that PayPal is very convenient and easy to handle, however, the fee amount taken from each payment received started to make me realize how much money I am losing. After doing some research, I … Continue reading Avoiding PayPal fees

Translation Scams

Every freelance translator needs to stay alert about potential clients who send an e-mail requesting  their services. Sometimes it is not what it looks like, and most of the time the project may not show any warning signs or evidence of a scam. However, there is one thing we need to be sure of: scammers … Continue reading Translation Scams

Home Office, your way!

This subject  may not seem too important, but actually it really is. Just because you work at home, doesn't mean that you don't need your own office. Actually, this is a very important step that requires special attention. After all, your home office is your private work place where you will spend most of your … Continue reading Home Office, your way!