Quality Assurance for Translators

Our founder and CEO Nadja Batdorf, who is also a translator, is thrilled to share this post with you. Happy reading! The subject of quality Assurance (QA) is one of the top five areas of concern in the translation industry. It consists of a process with procedures that are strictly followed to assure the quality … Continue reading Quality Assurance for Translators

Cat-tools Part 2 – Trados Vs. MemoQ

Welcome back everyone! This is the second post about Cat-tools, and I hope you like it. Last week I shared my thoughts about if a Cat-tool is really necessary, and our poll showed some expected results: 77% said they do use/have Cat-tools 3% said they do not have/use Cat-tools 20% said they do not have … Continue reading Cat-tools Part 2 – Trados Vs. MemoQ

Avoiding PayPal fees

As everyone may be aware, PayPal will deduct a fee from every payment you receive, whether it is local or international.  I agree that PayPal is very convenient and easy to handle, however, the fee amount taken from each payment received started to make me realize how much money I am losing. After doing some research, I … Continue reading Avoiding PayPal fees