NOT only a freelance translator

In a daily routine as a freelance translator, many professionals end up finding out that they also perform many other roles in their professional career. Being your own boss is one of them, and whoever thinks that this is an easy task probably will have to reevaluate  their opinion. When you say you are a freelance … Continue reading NOT only a freelance translator

“Cat-what???” and what about end clients? – Cat-tool Part 3

Last week I received a very interesting comment about Cat-tool - Part 2 post: "What about end clients? They do not even know what a Cat-tool is". That is true. Most end clients really do not have the slightest idea what a Cat-tool is. This is one of the reasons I always dedicate extra time … Continue reading “Cat-what???” and what about end clients? – Cat-tool Part 3

Thoughts about working on weekends

If there is something a freelance translator knows is that their working days are not conventional. While formal employees work  Monday through Friday, a freelance translator works beyond that. Sometimes it is impossible to know the difference between a week day and a weekend because freelance translators also work on weekends (and other times,  holidays … Continue reading Thoughts about working on weekends