Translation Conferences around the world

When marketing your business you may want to consider attending some conferences in your city or state. This is one of the best ways to be in touch with your colleagues, meet new potential clients in person and stay tuned with the latest news in the industry. Here you can find some of the biggest … Continue reading Translation Conferences around the world

Work is slow…now what??

One of the things us freelancers know is that our income is not steady. Although we probably deal with this income issue pretty well, it is still scary when the industry is slow and good jobs are few and far between. The question now is: What to do (or not to do) when the dreaded … Continue reading Work is slow…now what??

Editing versus proofreading

Just the other day a client asked me to render editing services, and when we were negotiating the rates per word they wanted me to charge the same rates I do for proofreading. "But aren't they the same?" No, they are not and everybody should be aware of that, especially us freelancers. Proofreading is primarily concerned … Continue reading Editing versus proofreading

Computer stress – Taking care of your eyes

All right everyone. We have all been busy these days with a lot of jobs and tight deadlines. Sometimes that is the way it goes, but don't you think we are forgetting something really important?  Last year, I wrote a post about working from home, where I emphasized how important it is to take a break and take … Continue reading Computer stress – Taking care of your eyes

Resolutions 2013 – No, it is never too late

Can you believe that we are almost in the third week of 2013? Time really flew by and you probably are thinking: "oh, now it is too late to set up my New Year resolution and all my plans for 2013".  Sorry everyone, but no. It is never too late to change, improve and accomplish … Continue reading Resolutions 2013 – No, it is never too late

“Cat-what???” and what about end clients? – Cat-tool Part 3

Last week I received a very interesting comment about Cat-tool - Part 2 post: "What about end clients? They do not even know what a Cat-tool is". That is true. Most end clients really do not have the slightest idea what a Cat-tool is. This is one of the reasons I always dedicate extra time … Continue reading “Cat-what???” and what about end clients? – Cat-tool Part 3

Cat-tools Part 2 – Trados Vs. MemoQ

Welcome back everyone! This is the second post about Cat-tools, and I hope you like it. Last week I shared my thoughts about if a Cat-tool is really necessary, and our poll showed some expected results: 77% said they do use/have Cat-tools 3% said they do not have/use Cat-tools 20% said they do not have … Continue reading Cat-tools Part 2 – Trados Vs. MemoQ