Quality Assurance for Translators

Our founder and CEO Nadja Batdorf, who is also a translator, is thrilled to share this post with you. Happy reading! The subject of quality Assurance (QA) is one of the top five areas of concern in the translation industry. It consists of a process with procedures that are strictly followed to assure the quality … Continue reading Quality Assurance for Translators

Clients, we love them all!

Last year was very important for all of us at Agility Translations. We celebrated our fifth anniversary, and we got to rebrand our business, we launched a new website, and we welcomed our current and new clients. Now our blog is officially back, and it feels awesome! Nothing like starting our very first post of … Continue reading Clients, we love them all!

Working in pajamas…

Here is the thing: when you are a freelancer and work from home, why you should wake up early in the morning, get dressed, do your make up and get ready to leave? Uh-oh, leave? Oh, yeah, I mean leaving from one room to another, of course!  Well, and here is another thing: why should … Continue reading Working in pajamas…

NOT only a freelance translator

In a daily routine as a freelance translator, many professionals end up finding out that they also perform many other roles in their professional career. Being your own boss is one of them, and whoever thinks that this is an easy task probably will have to reevaluate  their opinion. When you say you are a freelance … Continue reading NOT only a freelance translator

Welcome to the new Agility Experience

The Agility Experience: a successful partnership among us! When we first thought about the concept of opening a translation company, the only thing that came into our mind was that we would be able to help others communicate and help making their business grow. Although our dreams seemed to be really simple and small (compared … Continue reading Welcome to the new Agility Experience

So it was the International Translation Day…

We just went through another International Translation Day, and as a fellow translator (just like you) I spent that day... TRANSLATING!! Well, that was basically the main activity of the day, however, we all know that a translator does much more than translations. The most curious thing is that all other activities I had to … Continue reading So it was the International Translation Day…

Happy International Women’s Day

Today, March 8th, the world celebrates the International Women's Day. I found the video below online, and thought that it would be very appropriate for this special day. In the translation industry we are very proud of all women translators who carry out brilliantly not only their professional career, but also their personal lives. Have … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day

Translation Conferences around the world

When marketing your business you may want to consider attending some conferences in your city or state. This is one of the best ways to be in touch with your colleagues, meet new potential clients in person and stay tuned with the latest news in the industry. Here you can find some of the biggest … Continue reading Translation Conferences around the world

Work is slow…now what??

One of the things us freelancers know is that our income is not steady. Although we probably deal with this income issue pretty well, it is still scary when the industry is slow and good jobs are few and far between. The question now is: What to do (or not to do) when the dreaded … Continue reading Work is slow…now what??

Editing versus proofreading

Just the other day a client asked me to render editing services, and when we were negotiating the rates per word they wanted me to charge the same rates I do for proofreading. "But aren't they the same?" No, they are not and everybody should be aware of that, especially us freelancers. Proofreading is primarily concerned … Continue reading Editing versus proofreading