Clients, we love them all!

Last year was very important for all of us at Agility Translations. We celebrated our fifth anniversary, and we got to rebrand our business, we launched a new website, and we welcomed our current and new clients.

Now our blog is officially back, and it feels awesome! Nothing like starting our very first post of 2017 (yeah, we know 2017 started three months ago, but believe us, we were really busy spoiling our clients) talking about the reason why we are translators: CLIENTS!

The thing is: we couldn’t be more thankful to all of our clients.
Thanks to them we can:

  • Have coffee every morning, afternoon and evening (a lot of coffee, sometimes with some snacks too)
  •  Read more than 100 e-mails per day (yup, we are becoming reading experts for sure)
  • Buy the latest technology in the translation industry to serve them better (we know and lear more about CATS then any feline lover)
  • Improve our social skills. (as you know, working from home can be a little overwhelming and we might feel lonely sometimes)
  • Learn from every single document we translate for them (How a software is built? How they market their products?)
  • Have our very own secrets and learn how to keep them (by signing lots of NDAs)
  • Learn the real meaning of perfectionism (obviously, in our view,the text is not 100% perfect, even after reading it more than 15 times and trying to correct it more than 30 times)
  • Learn how to budget our income, so we don’t go crazy with late payments
  • Feel like a teenager again (Yay! We spent 24 hours without sleeping. The bad side is that this time we were not at a party)
  • Understand that the real meaning of happiness is when you see your work published, and when you receive an e-mail that says “You got money!” or “I have more work for you!”

And most of all, our clients are the reason we translate and the reason we are here.

Agility loves their clients, and our great reward is when they say what they think about us.
Believe me, testimonials are the greatest gift a professional can receive. Through a testimonial, we can see how we are doing, make improvements and attract more and more clients. Our clients bring us more clients!
Isn’t that great!

That is why we are proud of all of our clients, and we are also proud of all our accomplishments.
Here is what our clients say about us, and what we would like to tell them.
Are you an Agility Translation client?
If not, join the team and try our Agility Experience! We are sure you will love everything about us.

To all our fellow translators out there, do not forget to show your clients how much you appreciate them.
It is the key to your ongoing success!

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