So it was the International Translation Day…

We just went through another International Translation Day, and as a fellow translator (just like you) I spent that day… TRANSLATING!! Well, that was basically the main activity of the day, however, we all know that a translator does much more than translations. The most curious thing is that all other activities I had to do that day were somehow or totally related to the translation/language environment (even if I really wasn’t looking forward establish this connection).

Let’s see… I woke up early (just like any other work day) and started preparing the best of all friends: my coffee!

After that, as I was trying to entertain my one-year-old daughter, I got my phone and checked my professional e-mail account. I had to interrupt checking on e-mails many times to pay attention to what my daughter was doing (at the same time, I was talking to her in English and Portuguese – or even in a mixed way using both languages). As you can see even when we are not really working in a translation project we simply can not get rid of the translation/language world.

Later on, my husband came on board and watched her while I started translating a few projects.

Lunch time, yay! Now I can relax and forget a little bit about translations… hmmm… not really! Somewhere (actually many places) in the world it was not lunch time and people kept sending messages, calling on Skype, etc.

What happened next? I ended up eating in front of the PC (no, I really do not recommend doing that, shame on me!).

The afternoon brought more work (believe me, I am not complaining at all), and the good thing of celebrating this International Translation Day was that I could stop working at 6 pm just like any other formal employee. Oooops, well after putting my daughter in bed I could not resist and turned on the PC to work a little bit more (when you have kids every minute of silence is really precious!).

Epilogue: The more you try to stay away from the “translation world” the more sticked you are into it… and the curious thing is that you sometimes don’t even notice it because you simply love what you do. This is exactly how I feel every day!

How was your International Translation Day? We would love to hear form you. Leave us a comment when you have a chance.

Happy (late) International Translation Day everyone!


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