Resolutions 2013 – No, it is never too late

Can you believe that we are almost in the third week of 2013? Time really flew by and you probably are thinking: “oh, now it is too late to set up my New Year resolution and all my plans for 2013”.  Sorry everyone, but no.

It is never too late to change, improve and accomplish your main goals (whether they are professional or personal).

A great example of this is my own experience. After Christmas, I decided to sit down and write out (or should I say type) all of my goals for 2013. It may seem a little silly for some people, but for me it always works perfectly. By the way, one of my goals was to dedicate more time to this blog and here I am!  In my opinion, the benefits of writing down goals for a new year are endless. I would like to share with you a few of them which I believe are the best ones we can take into account.

Follow up on your accomplishments 

All of us have already heard somewhere that freelancers need to plan and schedule each and every day in order to accomplish all of our tasks and not waste time (in this case time for us is money). That is why writing down goals for 2013 is a great idea. It means you can start from some point and be aware of what comes next. That way it is harder to lose track or focus on something you do not need to at that moment. You do not need to follow the exact order of things, but it is very rewarding taking a look at the list throughout the year and place a check mark next to an item. Who doesn’t want to accomplish what they have planned?

Renew your expectations and feelings about the new year

It is always great to keep the idea of a “new start”. Everybody wants the best of each and every aspect of the new year, so why not begin by being hopeful and positive when setting up your new goals? Let the holiday spirit guide you and don´t be afraid of your own professional/personal ambitions. Think big, plan carefully and execute wisely.

Give yourself a chance to think about what you really want and need

This is my favorite benefit from writing down new goals. Being able to think and rethink about what we really want for ourselves is considered a gift. Here we can drive our goals towards success, change what is not good, improve what needs to be changed and get rid of what we do not need or want anymore. I recommend taking some time off. The secret to have the right insight is to go to a neutral place. It can be a cafeteria, or a relaxing and stress-free place where you can sit down and focus on your own goals. In my case, as I work together with my husband, we decided to go eat somewhere and talk about our 2013 goals  in an informal manner. It was awesome, because we had a chance to empty our minds, forget what was going on at the office (or at home) and focus on what we wanted for our future.

And the best of all: everything can be changed and adapted throughout the year

You have already set your goals, but something is not going as smoothly as planned? No worries. One of the amazing benefits of planning your own professional accomplishments is the ability to change any part of it along the way. Don´t be afraid to go a different direction or start all over. The most important thing is to keep in mind that everything can be changed or adapted and what really does matter is the final result. By the end of 2013 I am sure you will be so proud to exclaim…Success!

Do you usually write down your goals for the year?  Share your thought with us, and happy 2013 everyone!


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