Home Office Improvements

When this blog was launched I shared with you some great tips for your home office. Now it is time to make some improvements.

My home office is certainly not the same as when I first started working as a freelance translator, and I believe yours is not the same as well. As we work we realize there is something missing here and there, or even find out that there are certain items that we do not use or need anymore. I improved my home office during the last year, and I would like to share with you some good ideas.

1. Keep your desk clean and organized

This is something important, as your desk is your real work space. Make sure you only have items that you really need on your desk. You need to have enough space to move your arms and work without colliding with other objects. How many times a day do you use your stapler, calculator, business cards etc.? Think about it and you will find that some items will have a good spot on your shelf or in the drawer, for example. My desk only has the keyboard, monitor, mouse, phone, a desk lamp and a notebook with a pen for annotations. If I need something else I can find it in the drawer or on the shelf.  There is a french saying in the culinary industry that says  “Mise en place” which means “everything in place”. That is the spirit!

2. Have a shredder

In the beginning I thought that this would be considered a useless item. Why do we need to have a shredder if we do not dispose a massive amount of paper (just like in a standard office)? Well, I learned that this is a very useful tool either for both my professional and personal life. It is important to dispose properly all confidential documents, agreements and translation documents that you do not need anymore. For personal purposes it helps to avoid trouble when disposing of expired credit cards or confidential letters. Besides all these benefits, you are also helping to recycle everything. Isn’t it great?

This is my shredder. I love it!

3. Go wireless

In my opinion it is very annoying seeing wires everywhere in the office. Besides the appearance (we need to agree that it is not pretty at all) aspect, it can also be very dangerous (imagine yourself or your kids stepping on the wires all the time). How can you change that? Nowadays, with technology, we can go wireless in almost all electronic devices: mouse, keyboard, printer and internet. It is worth it to buy all these items wireless, even because of mobility. You will find out that it is much better to be able to move your mouse and keyboard on your desk to feel more comfortable when typing. Needless to say that your office will be more visually pleasing and safe.

4. Buy an appropriate keyboard

The keyboard is your “forever pen”, and you will need it all the time. Just imagine yourself typing for more than eight hours on a piece of  junk keyboard. Well, what is a piece of junk keyboard? Most of desktop keyboards are not wireless and are very loud. They are also uncomfortable to type and typo mistake friendly. In my opinion, comfort is something very important. I prefer keyboards that have concave key cap design for faster, quieter, feel-good typing, try it and you will see the difference. This type of keyboard may not be cheap, but it is completely worth it. I bought mine and I am happy with it!

This is the keyboard I bought. You can find many other different ones, but this one is great and I recommend it. I bought at Amazon.

5. If you have a desk lamp, try using yellow light bulbs

This is totally my personal opinion. I really do not have any idea that scientifically speaking yellow LED lights are better or worse than white ones. All that I know is that I had a desk lamp with white LED bulb before and did not like it, it made my eyes feel more tired and I could not read for extended periods of time. I have since changed to a yellow LED bulb and everything is great,  I feel very comfortable and it does not make my eyes tired at all. Why don´t you give it a try? One important thing: even with a yellow or white LED bulb, please do have a desk lamp in your home office. It is extremely important to work in a bright environment.

There are many other small things that can be improved in a home office, but these five topics I mentioned above are, in my opinion, the most important ones for now. Do you know of any other important improvements for your home office? Share your ideas with us through our Facebook page or Twitter. Your ideas may be in our future blog post!

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